23 September 2013

Cloud services and Politics - The new cold war

Cloud services, Cloud hosting - a very hyped matter since few years. In the light of the recent Snowden affair and latest Wikileaks revelations, every little aspect in IT is now related to politics, foreign nations tendency to superpower and domination.
Cloud services, so popular in advertisements for people, are in fact , the most dangerous ways to compromise your private life data, your company own security or your own country state secrets.
The world political polarisation is best seen in security software, where being a citizen/rezident of a certain country and using the security suite of an other country company makes the difference between life and death in some situations or you as a person, in good trust, are transformed without your consent in a"foreign" spy by using your backdoored computer-smartphone or alike.
We are living in an era where the software piracy from 10 years ago made by individuals and groups is completely replaced by companies and state organised IT espionage on large scale, IT sabotage and more exactly defined, full scale war on IT plane.
It's ugly and rough, but it's quite scary when reputated or "once reputated" security software companies make security suites which are politically biased, defending computers of certain nations and spying or sabotaging computers of other nations.
We are living now in times when what was once called the academical spirit and the scientifical enthusiasm, is now fully used for political supremacy, wide scale espionage and words like democracy, humanity, are only empty words used for greed and murder.
Have you ever think why many software products which could be used offline for edit-import-export their data, nowadays, all offline support is gone and replaced by so-called cloud-services?
Same products are still loudly shouting they defend and respect your private life and personal data, but...in order to use them, you need to send in cloud somewhere your personal data!
Known browsers, personal data-password managers, all are no longer support offline data export-import.
Are you so naive to trust that this is because of their concern that you can access your private data when travelling? And that your data , even if in cloud, is secure and "encrypted" with AES-256 or alike? So no reason to worry?
Well, you have all reasons to be worried and never more use any cloud service.
At the following links, you have the proof of how AES-256 (depicted as so secure) is decrypted on the fly:




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