19 April 2017

SWIFT.net penetration

Few days ago a Russian hackers group made public the info that US authorities had secret access to SWIFT.net network via until now secret kept backdoors in software.
Now, that this information is no longer a secret,
I can disclose that as early as 2010 April,  US authorities had direct hidden access in the French bankgroup BNP Paribas in Europe.
By using a special syntax and backdoor in Google servers and Google Bot, someone could access bank internal SWIFT.net data traffic intercepted and retransmitted to US located servers.
Similar backdoor was available in 2011-2012 for intercepting of data traffic from servers belonging Romanian Government and Finance Department regarding state contracts and aquisitions.

15 March 2017

170314 Social network VKontakte backdoor giving access to any personal files of any user without login

Never used VKontakte, but being curious of Russian representant to Eurovision 2017- Юлия САМОЙЛОВА  Julia SAMOYLOVA - I "visited" VKontakte.
So I discovered a "way" to access any file of any user, without login.
BURP Suite was used for traffic analysis.

14 February 2017

Critical security flaws with router ASUS RT-AC68U

Just tested a brand new router ASUS RT-AC68U with latest firmware, here in Sweden.
Looking inside the log, discovered interesting things, which ASUS must answer.
A lot of unknown IP-addresses appeared during booting of router.
IP's addressed  by router firmware.
I tested them.
Seems that router.asus.com leads to unauthorised access to other owners of Asus routerswho authorised WAN access to their routers.
I attach more screendumps.

Something is for sure WRONG!

And ASUS engineers must answer and correct these critical security flaws.
Not naming that trying to connect a network printer via LAN, it gets an IP address for about 20 seconds, then gets disconnected.

Waiting for ASUS to address these problems!