28 October 2014

VPN and Politics - how secure is it

VPN and Politics - how secure is it


The miracle solution for corporate users on-the-go.
The solution for political disidents and street movements or "freedom fighters".
The solution for watching what Holywood bosses decided you may not see in Europe or somewhere else.
The solution for downloading what you are not allowed to.

And the fancy list continues.

But have you ever thought that everything has a price, nobody gives something for free without thinking of own profit and that physically, you connection and data must pass a certain server somewhere?

But ...who has access to that server?
Which land host it and how the policy and government of that country affects you?

Well... let's take few examples:

1. Chinese disidents in Hong Kong. Well, if they use F-Secure Freedom VPN, it could be quite good.
F-Secure is locate din Finland, it's a pro NATO and USA partner.
For the chinese disident does not matter if american NSA watches them.

2. Islamists in Europe or somewhere else.
Now F-Secure Freedom VPN could be their capital mistake and last program to use before NSA reacts and ...a ticket to Guantanamo is paid by the USA tax-payers.

3. Normal Europe citizen wanting to watch Country music... well, Nashville and Hollywood bosses are quite restrictive and aware of money losses. Now a good VPN program comes handy, but beware for BSA catching you if your VPN goes via an "ally" of USA. Perhaps vpn servers outside Europe are better... :)
But beware of own personal data if VPN program comes from East or Far East and your traffic goes same way...

Conclusion: based on who you are, how you are politically situated in respect to major powers of the world, what you want to do..
Then choose you VPN program and with a good firewall and sniffer watch out what the VPN program wants to access more on your device.

Never trust a VPN program, based on its adverts from producer or comments from internet.
Investigate yourself first, and never trust without deep checking.

With respect,

Zeno Sloim

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