11 February 2015

Zeno Sloim Total Penetration Suite v1.0 build 2015-02-05

Zeno Sloim Total Penetration Suite v1.0 build 2015-02-05

A modularised program to byepass/penetrate/stealth modify/ main corporate security products on the market.

Modules for:
- byepass encryption software: McAfee Endpoint Encryption, Symantec Endpoint Encryption
- penetrate/stealth modify security suites: McAfee Endpoint Security and all other McAfee Security products, Symantec Endpoint Security and all other Symantec Security products
- byepass/stealth modify Active Directory and Rights Management: Avecto Privilege Guard and all other Avecto products

Further modules will be added for other major security software products and brands.

Program is based on yet undisclosed vulnerabilities/backdoors in: Linux, Apache, Intel x86/x64 architecture, Windows x86/x64 architecture.
Affected operating systems: Microsoft Windows any version, Linux certain distributions.

The program is totally undetectable by any actual security software.
Tested among others, with: Kaspersky, Symantec, ESET, F-Secure, BitDefender, McAfee, Sophos.

The program is sold only to state/government agencies/authorities or security departments in corporations (upon motivation).
According to European Union legislation, certain countries are not eligible to buy it.
Prices start from 1,000,000$ for simple license, up to 50,000,000$ for large government agencies and depending on incorporated modules.
Demonstration of program and selling is done only in Linköping, Sweden.

Address your inquiries only under written form to:

Zeno Sloim
Mårdtorpsgatan 23
58432 Linköping



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