23 December 2013

Marina Vlady - Romania 1985 - French Diplomatic Courier - Thomas Wauquier

Marina Vlady - Romania 1985 - French Diplomatic Courier - Thomas Wauquier

I was born in Romania on 1959. My first film I saw was at 4 years old and it was "LA SORCIÈRE" = "THE WITCH" = "HÄXAN" (in Swedish).
The beauty and the fascinating Marina Vlady has changed for ever my life. Due to this film I am now living in Sweden, the country where LA SORCIÈRE was filmed. The mysterious and fantastic beauty of the northern nature and of Marina Vlady became a continuously coordinate of my life.

I started to collect a lot of information (photos , articles in newspapers and magazines) and also redacted a lot of my own material dedicated to Marina Vlady. I worked for more than 7 years (between 1979 and 1986). I wanted that my work and the whole material should be saved and sent personally to Marina Vlady in France. Don’ t forget it was under Ceausescus dictatorship in Romania , when you lived like in a concentration camp. I could never receive a passport to travel abroad. Even if I tried many times to obtain a passport to visit France, I was always refused by the Romanian authorities.

The only way to save my material about Marina Vlady was via diplomatic courier. So I came in contact with the French Cultural Attaché in Bucharest, on 1985, Mr. THOMAS WAUQUIER (actually France ambassadorin Bosnia and Herzegovina.
We met together few times , he was very glad to help me and save the material – which he considered to have a cultural value for France and the French culture. Because all the material filled a box ( 60cm x 40cm x 40cm ) we shared the whole in three small packages to be taken out Romania via diplomatic courier from the French Embassy in Bucharest. In early 1986 Mr. THOMAS WAUQUIER left his post in Bucharest and he was replaced by Mr. BOUZIGUES. Because I continued with my work of collecting material related to Marina Vlady, Mr. THOMAS WAUQUIER introduced me to MR. BOUZIGUES indicating he should continue to help me to use again the diplomatic courier for taking out the coming material from me.
Until I left Romania for ever in April 1987, I met Mr. BOUZIGUES few times and gave him the new material.

It was due to Mr. WAUQUIER that I have received the address and the secret telephone number of Marina Vlady and of her sister from the French Diplomatic Telephone Book.

When I arrived in Israel in 1987, I phoned to Marina Vlady but she said he never received my material.

After years , when I arrived in Sweden , I contacted again The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Personal Direction , to find Mr. THOMAS WAUQUIER and Mr. BOUZIGUES.

I received an answer signed by a Mrs. CHANTAL CHAUVIN , with nr. 2836 PLD, dated 1992 April, 23. She informed me that my letter was forwarded to Mr. BOUZIGUES , but Mr. WAUQUIER never existed or belonged to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs !!

Quite amazing ! Mr. Wauquier was the French Cultural Attaché in Bucharest until early 1986, and now he never existed !

I regret very much the loss of my years of work dedicated to Marina Vlady, not to mention the cultural value of the material dedicated to one of the most popular actresses of Europe and France.

Perhaps now after years , the Romanian Secret Service or the French Secret Service will explain and clarify the disappear of my material dedicated to Marina Vlady and taken out (?) via French diplomatic courier from Bucharest between 1985 and 1986.

In 2008 I managed to discover the internal email address from the French Foreign Ministry and wrote directly to Mr. Thomas Wauquier, now France ambassador in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He replied me he did not remember anything and kindly invited me to Paris to meet him.
I thanked but never went to Paris.

I also want to make publicly the whole story, hoping that by this way, maybe, the material will appear again and will arrive to the person it was dedicated to, MARINA VLADY !

Zeno Sloim

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