22 December 2013

Open letter to authors of Mozilla Firefox Browser for Android and Siber Systems RoboForm for Android

Open letter to authors of Mozilla Firefox Browser for Android and Siber Systems RoboForm for Android

I wonder how long can go your claim to respect privacy of your customers and your public declarations appeared after Snowden leaks?

I wonder because it seems that the fact that you are physically located on USA territory and jurisdiction, makes the NSA dictate to your policy, activity and principles.

Otherwise I do not see any other reasons for the fact that your products for Android have dropped all local import-export of user data, and instead everything is done in the cloud, where NSA have direct physically access to everything, breaching the 4th amendment of USA Constitution.

It's ridiculous hypocrisy to pretend that syncing in cloud is modern and easy for everyone.
I would have believed if your products should have the OPTION that customer DECIDES to choose between Sync in the cloud and Local storage or both!
But not to force every Android user to send its private data somewhere where USA authorities breach the USA and international laws and violates the integrity of private user data.

Zeno Sloim


  1. On 23.12.2013 mr. Vadim Maslov, CEO at Siber Systems replied:

    "Actually all data is stored locally on device and
    syncing is technically optional.

    However, this may not be obvious from the GUI.

    We will make sure that in the next major release
    user can specify no syncing, as RF does not require it.

    Best Regards,
    Vadim Maslov"

  2. We shall see if Syber Systems will keep its promise.
    Version 1.10 for Android dated 06.12.2013 is still the latest one.

  3. Today is 16 of june 2014 and all promises made by Vadim Maslov Siber Systems CEO are still only empty promises, not saying lies.
    Also Mozilla Consortium still no measure to be able to local edit and store your private data.
    Seems like big brother US authorities have a stronger word to say.
    Private data - simply bullshit propaganda.
    I personally have nothing to hide, NSA can with pleasure take and check my phone contacts or Bookmarks.
    But I wonder for all those private companies whose their internal economical data is snooped and share to US companies - that is called economical espionage and illegal concurence.

  4. Or even more, cybertheft and cyberterrorism... well the word "Morality" is quite liquid and ambiguous :)


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